Welcome to Caring Animal Partners!

Welcome to Caring Animal Partners! Congratulations on completing our evaluation process. It may take a few visits for your pet to become used to the setting and be able to relax and enjoy the visits.

Check with the visitation site for their COVID 19 protocols and any other health concerns. Only visit if it feels comfortable for you and if you are feeling healthy.   

Please report your visits at the visitation site and on our website www.caringanimalpartners.org. You have undertaken a very valuable form of volunteer service and we thank you for sharing your pet.

 A Board of Directors runs CAP. We are here to serve the needs of our members and to guarantee that their experience with CAP be a good one. You can contact anyone of the Board if you have questions, concerns or ideas about the organization. Membership feedback is very important to us, whether positive or negative. Again welcome, thanks for joining, and enjoy what should be a wonderful experience.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Moser, President


Robert Moser – President

Rowena Wilks – Vice President                   
Anne Soule – Treasurer/Membership
Nancy Large – Secretary           
Dee Ganley
Mary Taylor 
Pam Green                             
Susie Nichols                                                
Carrie Bouton
 Jeanie Plant – Emeritus