Hello CAP Volunteer –

Please call the Activities Director at your visitation site to schedule your visit. Try to set up a schedule and visit on a regular basis. Visits become more enjoyable to you and your pet as you become familiar with the site and the residents. Here are some helpful hints for successful visits –Visitation Procedures. If, at any time, you cannot keep a scheduled visit, please try to arrange for a substitute and call the site to let someone know. Remember people are waiting to see you and your pet!

Visitation Stories:

Visits from a pet can make someone’s day and bring a smile to their face.  Thank you for all that you do!  Would you also like to submit your visitation story?  We would love to hear how your pet is doing and about the places you have visited.  Once your submission is moderated, it will be posted on our Visitation Stories page. Tell us about your last visit – CLICK HERE.

Want to go to a facility we haven’t visited before?

Please feel free to investigate the possibility of visiting any facility that you are aware of. Either call the site directly or call a CAP Board Member.

Youth Programs:

If you think you and your dog would like to work with children please contact:  Dee Ganley 603-526-5543 or dee@deesdogs.com.

Obedience Training:

Caring Animal Partners does not offer pet training.  We can recommend local trainers:


For re-certification, please contact our Board Members.

Do you have content you want to share on our website?

We would love to post CAP Volunteer (human and pet) photos and videos.  Please submit via email to Rowena Wilks.