Woodcrest, New London, NH

Missy and I went to the 21st Annual Dog parade at Woodcrest!! It might be fun to have a few more CAP volunteers attend as it is really sweet and Pat Nelson is a resident there. I believe she was a CAP Board member a few years back. Bev and Missy

Hero Dogs

I just got this email from one of our volunteers, Crystal Hayden.   Mud Bud has been nominated for the 2019 Hero Dog Awards.  It is an open voting.  He is listed under the Therapy  group.  If you could send out an email about this that would be fantastic.  He is a true Fur Angel...  Search … Continue reading Hero Dogs

Sunapee Cove

Enjoyed our visit with quite a few residents, including the oldest woman in NH 110 years young! We also spent time in Memory Cove with Sunapee Cove, visiting 2 patients. Holli and Marshawn