Clough Center, New London, NH

After being away for two weeks and catching up on unfinished business Lucy and I were able to have a short visit at the Clough Center. It was wonderful seeing the residents we had not seen in almost 3 weeks. I realized how important it is to make regular visits and when skipping a couple of weeks for personal things is important, I also saw how very much we had been missed. Our days fly by doing many things and going in a million directions. The residents don’t always have that busy life they once had. For thanksgiving we had a very frail woman for dinner. We talked about maybe being somewhere where she could be helped more. It didn’t go as I had wished. She said she would have to give up so much to be in a resting home. That many of her freedoms would no longer be hers to have. It didn’t sound like anything I would be ready to do either. This made Lucy’s and my visit that much more important and real meaning how much our visits can fill some of the spaces the residents had to let go. So when I feel I have too much to do and have no time for our visits, I am reminded that giving of our time is nothing compared to what others had to give up because they were unable to care for themselves.

Pam and Lucy


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