Clough Center

Today’s visit we brought candy canes with a tag that said “Merry Christmas, Love Lucy & Pam”. Our hopes that it would bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to the residents. Some were delighted to pick a candy cane from the basket. Some other said “no thank you”. We did our visits and noticed that some of the residents that usually are out in the hallway in the wheel chairs were in their beds or sitting in their rooms. The residents seemed sad as if like many of us, love the Christmas spirit but were unable to really get the joy they had gotten in years past. When entering one resident’s room, she yelled out “Lucy” then began to cry, I asked her what was the matter? she said “because I was so glad to see that Lucy and you have come to see me”. We stayed extra long with her this visit, just some days folks need more love than others. You know the residents really don’t ask fo r much but are so grateful when the outside world stops by to check up on them and give just a bit of their time with them. I even see how staff needs to get a visitor like a dog, just to pat Lucy on the head as they walk by. Many of the residents say they wished they had something to give to Lucy, they don’t realize their gift is the smiles on their faces when they see us walk through the door. Merry Christmas

Pam and Lucy


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