Clough Center, New London, NH

Lucy and I were only allowed to visit with a few residents today. I was told that colds and the flu was affecting a large percentage of the residents and they had closed off the wings for visitors.

There were a few residents that were well and able to be out of their rooms, they were in the dinning area or lobby where we could visit with them. It worked out very well for Lucy and I because they were able to talk more personal about themselves. Things such as family, work they did, where they were born and lived as children and what brought them to N.H. or did they always live in this area. It was the first time I didn’t have the need to rush off to make sure we were able to visit more residents on out visit.

I heard that 2 of the residents had pass away, which gave me mix emotions. Sad I won’t see them again, and sad for the roommate that lost a friend. We never know when it is our time to leave. But a reminder that spending time with each other is so important, it could be the last chance we can make a difference.

Pam and Lucy



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