Kearsarge High School – The Gateway Program

The students in Gateway hadn’t seen us for a couple of weeks because of the Thanksgiving break. They were really ready to have some fun with us.
Lucy always plays up to the person who give out the most treats! Her job today was to help show the students to walk Lucy without having to say anything to Lucy except “Lucy good girl” or “Lucy Come”. They worked on holding the leash just high enough, not to get under her leg and to lightly lead her in the direction the student wanted her to go. Kevin gave up telling Lucy “Forward” seeing Lucy really hadn’t been taught that word “forward” rather to come when it was time to walk together. Less words and more walking together. Nice to see how they can connect more, each time we work on this task.
The Gateway students are such a great group of students to hang out with and show them new ways to work with pets, It’s a special time.

Pam and Lucy