Kearsarge High School – The Gateway Program

This year at the Gateway Program has enlarged with more students. I have tried to get in early for one student to play with the dogs before the other 5 students arrive. We all went outside to enjoy the lovely fall day. It’s always more difficult to have the dogs outside, there is too many new scents. But allowed to have some smell time and then we we’re on our way for a great walk around the school grounds.

We ended the walk with having the student throwing balls for Lucy and May to run after, The students loved that and really loved how fast May could run after the ball and return the ball to the students.

Third period: I have a new student this year, that needs one on one or a smaller group of students to work with the dogs. Also I will be adding another new student to the this group our next visit.

I’m always amazed how well the dogs adjust to the different students they work with and the different commands they are given by the students.

The dogs really do such a great job tuning into each student. Always a work in progress.