Kearsarge Gateway Program

There days that no one is in the mood.

Our last visit to the Gateway Program had been before the Christmas break, which meant that 3 weeks had passed since our last visit. When May, Lucy and I arrived and entered the classroom, the girls were so excited. May gearing up for a great game of ball and Lucy ready for tricks, walks and treats. The students were in each of their own spaces and they weren’t geared up for dog business. May ran over to one of the students with her ball in her mouth and dropped the ball at his feet to begin the game. But the student wasn’t ready for dog play and turned his back on her. May gave him one more try, as if she was in disbelief that he didn’t want to play ball. He turned away even more. Two other students were in the room but no one seemed to be very interested in having dog time.

I decided that we needed to give the students time to decide on their own, if they wanted to play or walk with the dogs. After awhile one of the students couldn’t resist the looks from May and decided he would like to take the dogs for a walk. It was a great walk and shows how animals can make you do things you don’t think you want to and then it turns out to be a great time.

Pam, Lucy, and May