Thank you to Sharon Thielicke

Thank you, Sharon Thielicke!!

Have you noticed a tremendous improvement in our website?

This is the work of Sharon Thielicke, our esteemed web consultant. A collaborative professional in Web Design and Development, she is based in Sunapee, NH.

Caring Animal Partner’s Board of Directors would like to thank Sharon for her expertise and caring touch. Willing to collaborate with us and play with ideas, we were able to easily work with her to create a fresh, new site. Check out our section for Active Volunteers. New pictures are added as our members send them to us. She made the site accessible across many different platforms and created a way for us to celebrate former Caring Partner teams. Sharon also has a history with the organization as she used to have a dog, Rudy, who partnered with her in 2001. Go ahead, look in the past members section. She’s there with Rudy as are many other members of our community.

Thank you, Sharon. Your love for our mission shows in your work.

Our best regards,

The Board of Directors for Caring Animal Partners

Sharon can be reached at: