Kearsarge Gateway Program

It’s such a wonderful time when you see how bringing therapy pets into a school can change the day for everyone. Students, staff, myself, Lucy and May benefit each time we visit the Gateway Program.

Today we visited with one student for the full visit. We walked the dogs around the school for awhile and then it was time for art class. I offered to walk with the student to her next class. She had May’s leash and I had Lucy’s leash, as we walked among the other students passing in the halls it was so smooth. Liv holding May’s leash loose, May looking up to get communication for what the next move would be.
When we reached the art room we were greeted by the teacher and she invited us in. As we were getting ready to say good-by, I asked Liv what she was going to be doing in art today, she wasn’t sure. Then I thought it would be fun if we stayed and did an art project with her. I thought we could make paw prints of the dogs. Well Liv thought that would be fun. Then the art teacher asked if we wanted to do the paw prints in clay. Well what a great project and the dogs didn’t mind us pressing their paws in the clay to make the imprints. We’ll have to wait until next week to show you how they came out.

The discovery of a new way to express herself with art, using the dogs feet may lead to bigger and more amazing creations. What a great opportunity for May, Lucy and myself to make a difference in someone’s day.