Kearsarge Gateway Program

Today the dogs and I helped with some of the jobs the students have. One student delivers newspapers to different classrooms. Every time a paper was delivered the dogs would get a treat for helping out. We delivered some books to a classroom and invited to come in to give the class some dog hugs and paw shakes. The students love when the dogs are invited into their classroom. I have been told by teachers it just brightens the day for them. After our visit was over the girls (Lucy & May) walked the track and I threw some balls for May, while Lucy looked for any dropped goodies a student might had dropped during a game, a good time to enforce the “leave it command”. May found some balls that had been lost in the woods around the track, so she has found herself another job to help out the school. These dogs love their jobs working at the school and everyone loves to see them there.

Pam, Lucy, and May