Kearsarge Middle School

Well what an exciting time it was for us today!! May and Lucy did their different jobs with the students.
May playing ball with any student that wanted some action. The ball playing has been valuable with a student that has a problem walking and when touching the dogs wants to grab them without being gentle. The ball throwing for this student is a good gross motor skill and a safe way for May to interact with this student. We will continue to have a goal for this student to learn to be gentle with animals so that she may interact with other animals.
Again another break through with a student that I had talked about before. This student doesn’t enjoy to interact with anyone, human or animal. He walked Lucy once and ever since has declined to have any interaction with her or May. Today I had an idea! Why not try to intercept with the student, this student seems to have a problem with transitions. So when he is walking to just catch up to him and place the leash in his hand so maybe it doesn’t feel like another activity. Well the plan may work another time seeing we missed him walking in the hall. But when he entered the classroom where we were, I quickly ran over to his seat and placed treats on his desk. Lucy was quick to notice where the treats were going, (she’s a pre-breed Lab.) She hurried right over to him. I put the treat in the student’s hand and showed him to give the treat to Lucy. As he gave Lucy the treat he seemed to enjoy the interaction. I asked him “Do you like Lucy”? He replied by taking his hand to his chest and patting it. What a great response!!
These dogs do so well with adjusting to others handling them and seem to be naturals when to figure out how to interact with different people. Remembering how important body language to the clues these dogs translate. I am so blessed to have these dogs and the opportunity to work with these students.

Pam Green