Kearsarge High School – The Gateway Program

Lucy, May and I were at the school all day. I was filling in for a teacher and brought the girls along for the day. We did our regular visits with the students, walking the hallways, get newspapers out to different classrooms, getting the mail to the teachers mailbox. The students and teachers love having the dogs there and the girls love being there. Because it’s a long day Lucy and May take breaks while I am working with students with their jobs and studies.
Gm time, we had three students so I brought the dogs with me. Lucy wasn’t that crazy about all the students running around throwing balls. May on the other hand, was so excited and watched the game as if she was one of the coaches her team needed to win.
Later I asked a student that really has a fear of dogs if he would take a walk with us. He agreed but he wasn’t asked to hold a leash. He walked next to the dogs and we talked along the way down the halls. My thoughts are to allow the dogs around the student yet not so close it’s uncomfortable for the student. He seems to be finding that Lucy and May are nice dogs and as long as he doesn’t have to handle them they’re okay in the same room.


Pam, Lucy, and May