Kearsarge Middle School

We never know what to expect when we enter into the classroom. Today was an off day for the students. One student had a difficult being gentle with May thou she seemed not to be too upset, being bopped on the nose. We did have to separate them for the rest of the visit. Another student came in and said he didn’t want to work with the dogs. May had other ideas, she took the ball in her mouth and tossed it toward the student. He first told her “no!” but as she continued to toss the ball his way, he began to play and a large smile on his face, the way May was insisting to play.
Lucy not being a big player of ball took another role. One of the staff had lost her dog and said she really need a dog fix. Lucy laid next to her on the floor to comfort her the whole time we were there. We never know who needs a special friend and it’s sometime the caretakers themselves, and a four legged friend is the only one that can do it.
Glad we were there always but some days are more important. My dogs have been a gift to me and a gift I love to share with other. The girls love the work, which translates into fun for them.

Pam, Lucy, and May