Kearsarge Gateway Program

Today we spent most of the day in K.R.M.S. Gateway Program because I was asked to sub for a teacher in the program. First we did our visit at the high school then took an outside break and headed for the middle school. Today was the our regular visiting day so the girls came along for the day.

At the middle school we spend most of the time in the classroom except for a break at lunch time, the girls love running along the woods for new scents and some fresh air.

May and Lucy has learned some new tricks which the students have loved doing with the girls. Sometime it seems like the students think it’s almost a magical trick to see the dogs response to the students commands. The girls have learned to ring a bell on command with their paw, when the bell rings they get a treat. Lucy being a treat lover hits the bell with more force than needed. May not liking to have her paws touch or touching things with her paws, hits the bell with such gentleness that she sometimes needs to hit the bell more than once to hear the ring. Another trick they have fun doing is to find the treat under the ball in the cupcake pan.

While May is the party animal spent lots of the time trying to distract a student or teacher to play ball with her, Lucy sat next to a student who read a book to her about dog adventures.

Pam, Lucy, and May