Scotland House

Today Francine and I visited for 45 minutes at Scotland House in Quechee Vt, an adult day care program. I also took Francine’s younger sister Adele, in training as a therapy dog, along in the car with us, and after careful full disclosure that she has not completed her therapy dog certification, she was still very much welcomed in to join the visit. It went very well and everyone seemed to enjoy each other. We are planning to return on a weekly basis. As it happened a Valley News photographer was also there taking pictures of the program, and he took my name and the dogs names and some information about us, after taking lots of shots of the dogs and the program participants! I made sure to tell him that Francine got her certification at CAP and if the paper uses the pictures or story, I hope they mention CAP. It was a very nice visit and Scotland House is looking for more dog visits. It is a popular choice among program participants.

Mary Anne Levin