Merrimack County Nursing Home

Pogo did his first official visit since certification at the Merrimack County Nursing Home. Although he is 12, he is a rookie at this therapy dog routine but he had a very good time and seemed quite comfortable navigating patients’ rooms, wheelchairs, tubing, etc. Many residents’ scrambled to sitting positions or reached out to get closer and touch Pogo’s luxuriant black fur. It is easy to see just how therapeutic and motivating these visits are for residents, and it brightens the day for staff too. It was good medicine for me too!

Initial visit to this facility. So gratifying to see so many faces light up when they saw my dog Pogo.
Some residents don’t even need to pet him to enjoy him. He did great but he is home now, sleeping under the dining room table – I think he is pooped.
We visited for 2 hours because part of the time was for the volunteer coordinator to make copies of his documentation, and do some monitoring of our visits. Since I am a registered volunteer here, I also had to do some documentation, recording which residents we visited with.

Dan and Pogo