Upper Valley Schools

Dasher does about 30 hours a month in several Upper Valley Schools. We visit with children and adolescents privately, in classrooms, and on the playground. His effect on the students and teachers is dramatic. He has helped with children who have learning disabilities, e.g., children with dyslexia will read to him despite their anxiety. He works with students who are autistic by taking his leash and feeling comfortable enough to walk through sensory overwhelming environments (e.g., crowded, noisy hallways). He also is essential for some students who have major mood disorders. Their time with him ranges from just intimate contact (he is a non-stop licker) to using him to learn about training a dog as they aspire to be a dog handler or veterinarian.

As you can see most of our visits are with children and adolescents. But we also work with adults His presence is really appreciated especially by those who are court ordered following their conviction of a crime. He really calms everyone during tense exchanges. -Raymond Chin