Weeks Public Library – Greenland, NH

Visitation Story: Jack’s debut as the reading dog for Weeks Public Library in Greenland NH. Was a success! As Jack jumped out of the car, several children came over to pet him. I told them Jack was going into the library for his first library reading dog session. They followed us in. The library has a new room downstairs for children that is bright and friendly. Jack was introduced, a story was read, and I answered questions about Jack. Jack settled on the floor with the children. It went very well. Before we left a parent signed up his daughter for a reading session with Jack. Her concern was that she could not read yet. I told her Jack could not read either but she could pick out a book and show Jack the pages, telling him a story. She promptly went and got books in the library to bring back to the room to read to Jack and have her father read. – Karen Sullivan