All American Assisted Living Kingston, NH

Jack and I went to a new place this week.  All American is an assisted living facility in Kingston NH.  With Kathy the activities director, we started in a large room, where residents gather.  Soon there were about 4 or 5 people getting attention from Jack.  Others came and left.  I would estimate that about 10-15 people got to pat Jack.  We spent about 30 minutes in this section, even visiting with a women in a room.  Her husband asked us to visit.  She loved Jack!

We then went to another section of the facility to visit the memory care unit.  As we entered people were doing puzzles and other activities.  They wanted a visit from Jack.  He enjoyed visiting in a couple of rooms on this unit as well.  One woman wanted Jack to jump on the bed!  Several residents asked if they could keep Jack!  Jack did come home with me.  A great first visit.