Clough Center, New London, NH

Lucy and my visit to the Clough Center in the past two weeks seemed to be a comfort for some of the residents that lost a friend or roommate since we were last there. One of the Residents was saying, how she had been with her roommate for the past three years, and also lost another friend from another room the same week. Their passing was very difficult for her.

She was glad to see Lucy’s dog smile and to touch her soft ears. To me these residents seemed fine, the week before when we last visited them. I wonder if Lucy, with her keen dog sense, knew these folks were sicker and did she noticed when we entered the room, they were gone? We may never know.

What I do know is, that each visit with each person, has great meaning to them and to both Lucy and me. In leaving we should keep in mind, we just don’t know if we will see them again, so every visit counts.

Pam Green



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