Paws to Read, Wilmot Library

Flip and Dee and Abby and bumblebee and Alison and little Bee… ah to many B’s.. we all met a 4pm a few of the kids were outside playing in a stream they saw us arriving and all ran into the library.. how fun for us all.. So we had 4-5 children and all took turns reading to all the dogs.. Alison and Bee it was their first time and they did great.. we will meet again next Month then break for the summer, or I will… But today I’ve had a request for the Salisbury Elementary school to Bring Flip and start a program with them.. of course we will.  My hope is that a few of the other teams will assist with us. They have 2nd 3rd and 4th grades who want to participate with 2 children each class . We will Meet Wednesday the 21st from 10-11am I’ll report back.

Submitted by Dee for Flip and Bumble Bee and Little Bee

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