Clough Center, New London, NH

It’s nice to feel so welcomed when we enter the Clough Center. Lucy and I feel very comfortable there each week. As we walk down the hall we get smiles and hands reaching out to get a touch of Lucy’s soft fur. Lucy never minds the different touches from the different Residents. Some soft touches, little or big hugs, it doesn’t matter Lucy seems to know just how to greet each one. We wished a women a happy 95th birthday. She said she didn’t feel that old but guess she must be. One of the Resident has loved Lucy’s short visit every week so much, she had her son take her to the feed store in Lebanon and gave Lucy a 15 lb. bag of her special dog food.
Each day we never know what things we can do for others, but it’s always great not to miss the chance to make a difference. I often wonder if the Residents know how much they give to Lucy and I when we visits with them.

Pan Green


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