Clough Center New London, NH

Well we came just after lunch today. We were finding lore empty beds than usual. Finally we asked where were all the residents? Now that the weather is warmer, residents are gathering in the sun porch. When we arrived we got such a warm welcome, I thought I could almost cry. I noticed something about the residents, each one waits for their turn with Lucy and never rush themselves on her until she reaches to where they are sitting. With such a large group I decided it would be a good time to show off some of the tricks Lucy knew. She loves to find my lost keys or cell phone. I can put treats on her paws and tell her to leave it. The residents are amazed that she has the control not to touch them until I say ok. But for Lucy the wait is worth the treats.
I have found that more residents have been getting family members to buy treats to give to Lucy, and Lucy always remembers who they are and where they keep them.
We will plan to continue to visit the Clough Center all through the summer and maybe we will try to get there an extra day, it not too busy with our home life.
I tell you folks with dogs, go see folks who can’t have a dog, they will love it! and you will never be sorry for it. i know if I would ever end up in a place I couldn’t have a dog, I would be most pleased if someone would bring a dog to put their head on my lap and I could pat their soft fur. An aunt in Maine said it was the most important part of her day when a dog came in for a visit. She told us it means so much to them, its not right not to share your wonderful pet with people in need.

Pam Green


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