Kearsarge High School the Gateway Program

The school year at Kearsarge High has come to an end. Summer break for some and others are planning to be a part of the summer school program for 4 weeks. We are waiting to find out what days and how many students we will be working with this summer. Our time at KRHS has really brought the attention of many educators. I love the smile it put on the students, but better the smiles we get from the teachers and staff, as they see us walk by with a student in a walker, holding Lucy’s leash and Lucy staying right to her not concerned that the walker may roll over her paw. Lucy has great trust with this student and no word is needed to be said for which way to go and when to stop walking. Lucy bring the best out in the people. She greets and spend time with games and the forever love of a treat tossed her way. I have been blessed with a wonderful dog and love sharing her with who ever wants her attention. I was pleased to be invited to do the summer school program with Lucy and looking forward to meet some futures students Lucy and I will be working with in the fall.

Pam Greene


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