Clough Center New London, NH

A bitter cold day, what better place to spend our time but at the Clough Center.
Lucy always enjoys the greeting we get when we arrive at the Clough Center. She wages her tail so hard that I worry she might hit someone with her tail. I may not remember each resident’s name or what room they live in, but it’s plan to see that Lucy hasn’t forgotten anyone. Our first stop was the dinning room. She rushed in greeting each resident with a personal wag and sniff for each one. Lucy never need to use words to express her feelings for the folks. She does have her favorites and she is willing to lay down by the bed or wheelchair while waiting for the human to stop talking. She really has the ability to make a cold wintery day seem warmer and brighter for each person she passes in the hallways or bedrooms. We came upon a women in one of the hallways and she seemed confused and upset. We walked up to her and the moment she saw Lucy, she became calm and reached out for Lucy head. A smile came over her face, as if the magic of a dog had taken over the stress of the moment. These are the moments like this that count, making our visits more important each time.

Pam and Lucy


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