Clough Center New London, NH

I have learned from the residents at the Clough Center, it isn’t about the days we miss coming there, but that we come whenever we can come. They are so glad to see Lucy and I no matter how many days we weren’t able to come into the center, it’s about the time we are there, at that moment.
The past year has just swept away the time. As Lucy & I go from resident to resident I try to look back and try to remember them when Lucy & I first met them. All have aged and slowed down, other I thought would never make it to 2015 are still grateful for each day and uplifting for each other. I have noticed that the winter months seem to be more difficult for them, and some seem to hang their head lower waiting for the spring air and the smell of spring flowers to return. This has reminded me how very important our visits are to just bring some sunshine and warmth into their day. As we leave from our visits at the Clough Center, I realized what a gift the residents have given me. Some are living history tellers. Some tell stories that no one has written down and if not told now they’re tale may be lost forever. What a wonderful year it has been at the Clough Center.

Pam and Lucy


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