The Birches at Concord

Sophie and I spent a lovely time this afternoon with the residents. When we arrived
we went looking for Harriet, but found she was in the day room. They were just finishing up playing bingo. Harriet was so happy to see Sophie as she misses her dog dearly and quite frankly she was not playing bingo because it’s kind of boring to her. So we chatted for a bit.

We stayed as we were entertained with the history of New Year’s and how it evolved and celebrated throughout the world. Sophie sat down with Harriet and enjoyed it too. During this time Sophie mostly sat with her and then laid down quietly. After many of the residents showed interest in having us visit them a well. She obliged and did a few of her tricks. You can always see this sparks discussion and stories about their pets.

We bid adieu and said Happy New Year and told the we’d visit again soon.

A we were leaving we sat in the foyer and chatted with the gal at the desk and she was thrilled to see her too.

Dede and Sophie
Happy new year!


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