Kearsarge High School

We’re back at the high school working and playing in the Gate Way Program. This is our third week there. Sorry we haven’t been letting you folks know what has been going on, just so busy and our computer has been under the weather for awhile.
This year we have added 2 new students (boys) it’s going great! I was concerned how we were going to work 4 students, but it’s working out great together. One of the new boys didn’t want to have anything to do with Lucy for the past two weeks. But this week when I asked him if he would like to walk Lucy he said “yes”. It’s was so exciting after not wanting to be apart of what we were doing. I am trying a new approach so all the students are a part of what is happening with each student taking turns in working with Lucy. That is when Lucy finds the hidden toy, or rolls the ball and whatever skills she does, the students are to cheer and clap their hands for her. This has kept everyone involved while they are waiting for their turn with Lucy. Lucy seems glad to be back and the students are glad to have her there.

Pam and Lucy