Kearsarge High School Gateway Program

Always a great time! Some of the students take turns in jobs to get ready for time with Lucy. Someone get out the water bowl and fills it with water, a blanket if she wants to have a rest, picks out a stuff animal to hide for Lucy to find and what color ball we will use that day.
Spent some time having two students walking Lucy in the halls. Showing how important to hold the leash so Lucy can understand what the student wants her to do. One of the students doesn’t use words, so it has been using hand signals, and movement of the leash. The other student speaks very well, when he wants Lucy to walk next to him, he says “forward”. This may be a new word “forward” for Lucy to learn, I usually say “come”, but the student just has it in his head to say “forward”. Lucy’s job isn’t always easy as she is listening to me and to what the student is saying, but the treats seem to make it all worth while! She’s a Lab.
I can’t express how wonderful it has been to have Lucy go into this program. Not only are these students getting a chance to make a connection with a dog, but I have seen and learned so many wonderful things about these student.

Pam and Lucy