Clough Center, New London, NH

This fall I decided that Lucy and I would do our visits at the Clough Center differently. Instead of trying to see every resident, that we would try to spend more time with different residents that might need more time to talk and have a visitor on that day. Today was one of those days. In the hour we were there we only visited 4 residents. One resident just needed someone to listen and tell how she was feeling about her life. Our time was relaxed and unhurried. Lucy didn’t seem to mind the wait, chewing on some dog biscuits while she waited. It’s been two years since our first visit at the Clough Center and in that time we have made friendships that are like visiting a close friend or a family member. Time is important and the quality of our visits has become even more important. I always coming away from the Clough Center glad we were there and looking forward to our next visit.

Pam Green