Keasarge High School the Gateway Program

Walking Lucy today was interesting. A student was holding her leash and walking down the hall doing very well. I told him he could give Lucy a treat and tell her she’s a good girl. As he began to hand the treat to Lucy, he drop it and it rolled across the hall floor. Lucy went for the treat that had rolled out of her reach. The leash tightened and she pulled the student with her. The student looked at me and said “Hey Lucy is walking me ?”. I laughed and said “I think you right”. He looked at me somewhat confused. I explained, how he has to be the lead and to keep his mind on Lucy so she know you’re the boss. He seemed to understand because he was very careful to keep telling Lucy to slow down if she began to get ahead of him. In his own words “whoa” which isn’t in Lucy’s word bank but she still seemed to understand what he wanted her to do with his pressure on the leash.

Another great time with the students, we are all learning together. There isn’t a time I haven’t learned from these students or the dogs.

Pam and Lucy