Clough Center, New London, NH

Today we decided we had such a good morning at the Gateway program that we head for the CLough Center to visit with the residents there.

We first were greeted by a number of staff folks. They wanted a “dog fix!”, they seemed to circle around Lucy, May and me so they wouldn’t miss out on a pat before we moved on. Very often the staff are as pleased as the residents are to see us. One Nurse said how much she noticed “the dogs put smiles on faces that before we came ,had no smile to give”. Just so wonderful to know we can make a difference in this small way.

Makes me feel if only I had more time I should be there everyday, but I still work and have jobs that I need to do also.
Animals can be healers and anyone who has had connections with animals would say the same. Bringing the dogs to many places to keep them socialized, when not doing their jobs at the school or nursing home, has it rewards also. Almost everyone want to stop them and touch them, which sometime is okay and others times I need them to stay on walking on with the leash, so that they don’t think all folks want to say hello.
Another great day with the dog world.

Pam and Lucy