Clough Center New London, NH

We are excited to say that our 3 year old choc. Lab. mixed “May” has passed her “Pet Partners” evaluation and supervised visit with C.A.P. and also received her AKC’s “Canine Good Citizen” certification.

Lucy, our 6 year old Choc. Lab and I have worked hard to teach May what it takes to be a “therapy dog”. She watched, listened and learned for many months and now she can walk proudly with the many dogs and pets wearing the red and white tag that says “Therapy Dog”.

During the evaluation, it really seemed she knew how important the evaluation was and she wanted to be her best, and May was her best!

May and I met C.A.P. Evaluators, Rowena and Bob in the lobby of the Clough Center. The lobby seemed to be out of the way of the residents and staff, so we decided the evaluation could be held right there in the lobby. Within minutes of the start of May’s evaluation the lobby became very busy with walker, residents being pushed in wheelchairs. Residents wanting to say hi to May or to pat her, others asking “Where is Lucy? she is always here”.

The staff said “an event was about to begin in the dinning room” To get to the dinning room, most of the residents and staff went by way of the lobby. Never planning to put May in the middle of a lot of traffic, but it worked! May didn’t seemed to mind all that was going on and kept good attention to the tasks she was asked to do. She really proved herself worthy of the job.

We are so proud of May and excited that she is now part of the “Caring Animal Partner”. Time to make a difference in some folks daily lives.