Arrive at the High School at 7:45am, student is waiting for us at the door to let us in. Lucy and May do their regular sniffing around the room before we begin to play with the students. Today the room was somewhat busy with more staff and students moving about. It didn’t seem to interfere with the dogs sniffing around.

Not a lot of new things to add that we haven’t done before. May played ball and then was able to walk with one of the students down the hall, thou ball is her first and favorite job. Lucy played roll the ball with a student and got a treat when she pushed the ball back. Lucy did fine as long as the treats kept coming. Sometimes it was difficult for the student to remember to give her a treat and she would just look at student and not roll the ball back until the treat was rolled her way.

Always a good day at Gateway!

Pam, Lucy, and May