Clough Center, New London, NH

Just as we entered in the hallway of the Clough Center, a nurse came up to us, asking if we would go into the sun porch and spend some time with a resident that was having a problem and felt the dogs would be perfect to re-direct her.

The girls and I headed right in to see what we could do. To my surprise when we reached the door of the sun porch there where about twenty residents and some staff getting ready for an actively. Sue, who was organizing the event, asked us to come in, she wasn’t ready, having the dogs there was perfect, so she could get things setup.

We stood in the middle of the circle of residents and asked residents if anyone wanted to threw a ball for May to catch. May was in heaven, ball catching is her favorite game. The resident would throw the ball and she would catch it and bring the ball back to the person.

Lucy doesn’t think ball playing is that much fun, so I walked Lucy around the room and put treats on the resident’s knees. Lucy would wait for the resident to say “okay” and she would carefully take the treat. Treats is Lucy’s favorite game.

It was one big visit that Lucy and May enjoyed and the residents had fun doing.