Clough Center

Had an interesting visit with a resident at The Clough Center. The resident is 102 years old women from Sunapee NH.

When we approached her, she told me she was afraid of dogs and has for most of her life. She explained when she was a little girl she was bitten by a dog in the leg. I stopped and held Lucy away from the women. We began to talk and found she knew folks from my family many years ago.
As we were visiting, Lucy change position and lightly brushed by her wheelchair. I watched and I realized the women put her hand down and touched Lucy’s ear and back. I said I was sorry that Lucy came so close to her. Then she said again that she was afraid of dogs. I started to move Lucy away, then the Lady said “no, let me do it in my own time”. At that moment I didn’t realize, but the women was trying to get enough courage to touch Lucy, but didn’t want me to move Lucy to or away from her. So we stood there not to move one way or the other. After a while she put her hand out and touched Lucy’s head. I don’t know, but it was as if she had wanted to enjoy a dog but the fear wouldn’t allow her to get near a dog.

Lucy has a calm way about her and being on a leash was maybe the first time this women felt comfortable enough to make contact with a dog. Maybe it was on her “bucket list”.