Clough Center, New London, NH

Last evening was my last visit to the Clough Center.
The center had 8 residents and yesterday one of the residents made his move to Sullivan County Home. Now there 7 left. Gene was the last resident that would enjoy May and Lucy. He had once helped with Service dogs for the first year, training the dog to learn everyday commands and behaviors then giving the dog to special trainer to teach skills that would help the disable in different ways. So seeing the dogs was always a real treat for Gene and for May and Lucy. He was always grab a cookie or two off a food tray to give to the dogs.

Now I will take a couple weeks break. Then my plans are to visit some of the residents from the Clough Center. I have the whereabouts of a few residents that really loved the dogs coming to visit. I will try to keep my visits with them for a while. I guess to bring some of the Clough Center to them, May & Lucy.

I called the Merrimack County Home. I was told that all dogs or pets are welcomed to come visiting at any time or day. So folks out there if you find it in your heart to help bring some joy in someone day. To maybe someone who had a pet but had to leave them behind. You would be sharing a very important time for them.

I have called Sullivan County Farm, but I am waiting hear back from them. I understand that they had more available beds for the residents of Clough Center, so we may see more faces we know there, than we thought.

Enjoy this lovely weather, and share your time with someone you could make a difference in their day.