Kearsarge Gateway Program

t was a long winter for May and Lucy, they hadn’t work with the students since Christmas break. Four months without me telling them “Girls we’re going to work today”. Every time I say those words the girl’s their ears perk up and they are heading for the door, waiting for the door to open and be on their way.

Not sure how they would be after being away so long, I was expecting to have to remind them of the rules. They came into the classroom like it was just last week they were there. They sniffed around as they are usually allowed to do, so they are familiar with the surrounding before we begin our activities. While the dogs were doing room check one of the students got a bowl of water for the dogs, then went into the bag of toys and treats and help get things set up for our time there.

The students were delighted to see the dogs back, as was May and Lucy. We left May to keep one student busy playing ball. Lucy walked the hallways of the school with 2 students. It was so good to have the students enjoying our visit and even greater to see how much the girls were glad to be back to work.

We are planning to make our visits every Monday morning until the end of the school year. Nice to have us all back on a schedule.

Pam, May and Lucy