Kearsarge Gateway Program

We have begun our 2017- 2018 visits at Kearsarge High School.
May and Lucy were excited when they heard “We’re going back to work”. Their ears stood up and all attention was on me to get going. Then away we road.

We have three students and probably more as the year progresses. Two new students from the Middle School, a boy that has some dogs of his own and couldn’t wait to work with the girls. The other student, a girl that wanted to watch and not ready to interact with the girls. But she did give Lucy a pat and I know she will warm up to the dogs once she sees more of them. A returning student, he really wanted to be back working with May and Lucy again this year so they were able to rearrange his schedule. He greeted us at the door and he was all smiles. The girls returned that smile by smiling with wagging tails.
For the first day we stayed in the classroom to have the students and dogs to get to know each other. Next visit we’ll start doing our walks in the hall and ball playing.

The girls and I are so excited to be back at the school with these great students.

Pam, Lucy, and May