Kearsarge Gateway Program

This visit was so great! One girl hasn’t wanted to have anything to do with the dogs since the beginning of school. Each week the teacher would ask if she wanted to work with the dogs and always the same answer is “No” This week was different, she was asked if she would like to work with the dogs and her answer was “No” but then I asked her if she would just like to tag along? She nodded her head to say, “Yes”.
I lead Lucy and May into the hall and the student followed. We began to walk with another student who was holding Lucy’s leash. I had May with me and I began to walk, I asked the student if she would like to hold May’s leash, she said “Yes”. May and she walked down the hallway as if they had done it a million times. I was behind May and the student with Lucy and another student. It was so exciting to see what a great match they made. May kept looking up to her and walked side by side with a loose leash. When we got near the lobby, the student saw her Dad standing there. She yelled for him “Dad look” They joy in her and her dad was priceless.
When you see progress and how the dogs can make a difference, just makes these visits so worthwhile.

Pam, Lucy, and May