Kearsarge Gateway Program

Our weekly visit to the Gateway Program as usual went very well! May with her ball playing and Lucy willing to take handouts for doing almost anything or nothing. Lucy seems to be attracted to a student that is afraid of dogs due to a childhood accident with a dog. She walks by him, not lifting her head and slowly passing and coming back to her work. The boy has learned that Lucy just walks by and never stops at his chair. I reassure him that Lucy is safe and he will never have to play with them unless he decides he wants to make friends. For 3 week he has not even wanted to be friendly with me. Today there was a break through. I have worked with him the first 2 days he didn’t want to sit next to me I figure maybe because of the dogs. Today he said my name and told a teacher my name was “Mrs. Green & I bring the dogs” Then came over after the dogs left with lots of questions and allowed me to help with his assignments. This is a wonderful step into maybe a friendship with me and maybe to get to know the dogs. No hurry and no demands just time to change his fear of dogs and having a good relationship with an adult.

Pam Green