Kearsarge Middle School

At the middle school, this is a Gateway program to aid students with special learning needs. This is our first year with the Middle School and looks like we are welcomed for a long time. We are working with 3 new students and the girls don’t seem to miss a trick with working with the students. There are two students that don’t speak or very little and another students that whispers when he speaks to the dogs. He is started to wanted to be heard and is using a louder voice to be heard from our first visit.
I like to share about one student that has not played or had any ability to work with the dogs. Our visit this morning began 3/4 of the time he was sitting on the hallway floor and doorways without wanting to do anything.

Just as we were ready to pack up and leaving the head caseworker asked if Lucy could try to walk with him. I said “sure, lets give it a try”. It was a magical moment for all the staff and maybe the student. He was promised good reward points if he walked Lucy. The student took the leash as I handed it to him and he walk with her. Lucy was next to him and guided him down the hallway. He dropped the leash and Lucy stopped to wait for the next thing to do. I picked up the leash and the student held the leash the rest of the exercise. It’s such a break through that anyone who saw it or heard about the student walking Lucy were almost in disbelief.

So my point is, never underestimate a dog’s or therapy animal’s the power to change just one child or many more children or adults.

Lucy and May have comforted and made such a difference it the students and teachers we work with. I was given a gift to share with others, my girls and the gift I never had any idea would change my life in such a big way.

Pam Green