Kearsarge High School, the Gateway Program

This week is Mid-Term finals which meant, we had double the time to play and work with the students in Gateway. A student, Dan is at the side door every Weds. morning at 7:45 wait for us to appear at the door to let us in. Lucy and May are always eager to get in the classroom, but know they need to wait for Dan to take Lucy’s leash and follow his lead.
After entering the classroom, I ask the students to let the girls sniff around the room, this helps them to calm down, which I find allows the dogs to be better at listening to what we want them to do and also have better focus on the students that will be working with them.. May played a lot of ball with the students. The student throws the ball across the room and May runs after it and grabs it or is able to catch mid-air. Then May brings the ball back to the student who threw the ball, then waits for the next throw.
Lucy played ball for a short time but her main job with the students, is to walk with a students down the halls. What we are working on is for the student to say commands, use hand and body signals or using the leash to have Lucy do what the student wants Lucy to do . Lucy has even gotten use to one of the Students calling her “Zosma”, at least she hears the command and responds.
As usual a wonderful time at Gateway.

Pam and Lucy